Nov 12, 2021 - Dec 24, 2021

SANTA HOLIDAY HOURS  November 29 – December 24

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s time for that time honored traditional visit with Santa. Visit him in his Wishing Garden in the Macy’s wing!

Monday, November 2911:00AM-8:00PM2:00PM-7:00PM3:30PM-4:00PM
Tuesday, November 30 11:00AM-8:00PM2:00PM-7:00PM3:30PM-4:00PM
Wednesday, December 111:00AM-8:00PM2:00PM-7:00PM3:30PM-4:00PM
Thursday, December 211:00AM-8:00PM11:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Friday, December 3
11:00AM-8:00PM11:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Saturday, December 411:00AM-8:00PM11:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Sunday, December 511:00AM-6:00PM8:00AM-10:00AM - Soothing SantaReservations Required
Sunday, December 511:00AM-6:00PM11:00AM-6:00PM2:00PM-2:45PM
Monday, December 62:00PM-7:00PM 4:00PM-7:00PM - Pet Photos3:30PM-4:00PM
Tuesday, December 72:00PM-7:00PM 4:00PM-7:00PM - Pet Photos3:30PM-4:00PM
Wednesday, December 811:00AM-8:00PM
Thursday, December 911:00AM-8:00PM
11:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Friday, December 1010:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Saturday, December 1110:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Sunday, December 1211:00AM-6:00PM8:00AM-10:00AM - Soothing SantaReservations Required. 
Sunday, December 1211:00AM-6:00PM11:00AM-6:00PM2:00PM-2:45PM
Monday, December 1310:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Tuesday, December 1410:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Wednesday, December 1510:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Thursday, December 1610:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Friday, December 1710:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Saturday, December 1810:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Sunday, December 1910:00AM-9:00PM11:00AM-7:00PM2:00PM-2:45PM
Monday, December 2010:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Tuesday, December 2110:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Wednesday, December 2210:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Thursday, December 2310:00AM-9:00PM10:00AM-8:00PM1:00-1:45PM & 5:00-5:45PM
Friday, December 249:00AM-5:00PM10:00AM-4:00PM2:00PM-2:45PM
Saturday, December 25 - Christmas DayCLOSED

Avoid waiting in line when you use our Reservation Service. It's simple - pick your desired date & package online, and make the purchase. We encourage pre-booking your Santa Magic photo experience. Walk-up visits are available as space permits. The health and wellbeing of our staff, Santa and Guests is top priority. $4.95 processing fee at check-out

Click here for your reservation:

 *Reservations not available December 23 or 24. 

Santa will wear a mask and take socially distanced photos upon request.

*Santa break times are approximate and may vary.